About Me

I am a young blogger based in the back of beyond. This generally means that I'm bobbing about at country fairs or enjoying some time with a good book, a cup of coffee or a film as well as catching up on work and playing the piano!

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My blog is a mixture of lifestyle and literature, I cover all subjects from books, to films to beauty, fashion and often I simply post my musings on life. I love the British Royal Family and quite a few of my posts focus on their history or what's going on now.

I am always looking for new and inspiring things to write about, if you think that your product or company would fit well in my blog then you can email me at theclumsywordshaker@gmail.com

I am pleased at the positive responses to my blog, I try to keep each post interesting, different and try to look at things from a different perspective.

I would be super pleased if you had a look at some of my posts, and if you want to stay in touch with what I'm doing don't forget twitter - @theclumsyword and to sign up by email!

That is basically me, I love writing, I love life and I love my friends and family.
Thank you very much for sharing my blog with me, it's a pleasure to have you with me.